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URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS CAUSED BY UN-HYGENIC PUBLIC TOILETS. Every year 150 million people suffer from UTI leading to bladder Cancer and the major reason for the cause is Unclean and Un-Hygenic Public toilets. Cleaning them after every use is impossible and water used in cleaning after every use is ample wastage. Silvery Nanos brings HAPITO which is antibacterial, antifungal, antialgal, antibiofilm, scratch-resistant, water and stain repellent which forms a 10-micron thin transparent film on the toilet keeping it easy clean and inflectionless for a MONTH, Just Spray it Once get Easy clean and Infectionless toilets for a MONTH. Its a Mixture of Nanotechnology and Chemistry leading the stay for a month and also saving up to 45% of water wastage.

Steps to use
1. Clean the complete toilet pot with water and cleaner. No stains have to be present
2. Dry the area to be sprayed completely
3. Spray HAPITO evenly on the dried area and leave to dry for 20 mins
4. Toilet is ready for 1Month

Precautions: Do not spray on your skin or eyes or private parts.In case please refer to Doctor Immediately
See the film has completely dried and you can see a shiny transparent coating on the toilet for further use.
Apply it after every one month for Continuous bacteriostatic effect.